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Fox40 Classic CMG Whistle

R 119.00



 First FOX40 invented the best whistle, then they made it more comfortable!

The Fox40® Classic™ CMG® is cushioned to enhance the original Fox40 Classic whistle. The Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG)’s thermoplastic material provides superior grip and protection for teeth and ideal for those who need to hold the whistle in mouth for extended periods of time

With no moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate this whistle is flawless, consistent and reliable. The harder you blow, the louder the sound and can also never be overblown

Chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water

Will be heard above ambient noise, loud crowds, the roar of engines, breaking waves and thundering gale-force winds and the sound will be heard up to a mile away.

Options Available:

White with Neck Lanyard

Whistle with Wrist Lanyard

Whistle with Finger Grip Style


    FOX40 has added an ergonomic, thermoplastic, ultrasonically welded rubber extension, embossed with the FOX40 logo that grips to the users’ fingers.

    SOUND POWER : 115 dB