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Our Story

Comfort | Performance | Strength

The Swim Parka garment is the brain child of South African mum whose mission is contributing to the success of swimmers of all ages and levels of ability.

She says, “With three boys constantly at swim meets, galas and water polo practices, I battled to keep them warm and comfortable. It was a mess of chattering teeth and wet towels and grumpy boys. My maternal instinct just kicked in, so I decided to take action and the Swim Parka was born in June 2014. Then and now, it keeps the swimmer comfortable at all times, in and out of the water. Since those early days, demand has grown and Swim Parka has expanded – supplying satisfied customers of all ages and levels of ability across South Africa.”

Today the Swim Parka is both a comfort solution and a recognisable, distinctive piece of team apparel – especially for top-performing squads at the highest levels.

The Swim Parka Itself


Manufactured locally with quality imported fabric, the Swim Parka is a functional, extra-length jacket. Its outer fabric is a durable oxford nylon that is lightweight, waterproof and provides a barrier to environmental elements. The inside fabric can be polar fleece or towelling, depending on preference and budget. And the design provides exceptional thermal protection so that athletes can be in their best shape when entering the water.