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Our Story

Comfort | Performance | Strength

From a young age South African children are encouraged to learn to swim. Yet, as a mother of three young boys the challenge I faced was that my boys and their friends were constantly cold and uncomfortable between swim meets at galas and after swimming and water polo practices. I decided to take action and so the Original Swim Parka was born. Our first Original Swim Parka was manufactured in June 2014 with the Vision to ensure to that children are warm and comfortable after swimming and between swimming events. The demand grew and Swim Parka has since expanded to supply many satisfied customers, of all ages and levels of ability across South Africa.

Original Swim Parka


The Original Swim Parka is manufactured locally with quality imported fabric. We believe that swimmers of all ages and abilities that look good and feel good are bound to enjoy the whole experience and become more enthusiastic and perform better. And so, at Swim Parka we believe that by making an Original Swim Parka a critical part of your swimming regimen you are comfortable and your entire aquatic experience is more enjoyable. As Swim Parka has grown and as we have journeyed with our customers it has become increasingly apparent to us, at Swim Parka, that a comfortable swimmer, in and out of the water, is a more enthusiastic swimmer that enjoys the whole experience a lot more whether the swimmer is a beginner learning to swim or an advanced swimmer achieving their sporting goals. So we accepted the challenge to source essential, quality swim apparel that would ensure the swimmers comfort and thereby enhance the entire swim and water polo experience.

Comfort | Performance | Strength

Our Motto

Swim Parka, named after the innovative Original Swim Parka garment, is an active lifestyle brand. We are now proud to offer swimmers of all ages and abilities essential, quality swimwear and water polo apparel that ensures a comfortable and satisfying swimming experience whether you are learning to swim or whether you are striving to greater achievements in your water sport. Swim Parka believes that comfort leads to better performance and greater strength in the pool. Hence our motto: